December 23, 2016
3 Doodler Jetpack
December 27, 2016

3 Doodler 2.0

The 3D Printing Pen from 3Doodler extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a stable structure. Suitable for both right- and left-handed use, the pen can be used to draw flat forms on paper that can be peeled off, or it can draw 3D objects in mid-air. Because 3Doodler filament adheres to other plastics, you can also use it to decorate and personalize items, weld together traditionally-printed 3D objects, or repair small plastic items.

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Product Features

  • Draw with Plastic Filament
  • Draw on Paper or in the Air
  • Personalize & Decorate Plastic Items
  • Repair Household Plastics & 3D Prints
  • Compatible with ABS & PLA Filament



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